Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No "I" In Team - Just in Winner... Heat vs Thunder

GAME -Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Super....I mean.... Thunder


1) The Thunder have been built to become the powerhouse they are today.  Drafting players, recruiting others, forming a young team that should be dominate for years to come.  COOP Ale Works was built the same way.  Traveling the world, trying to find the best tasting and most flavorful beers to give them knowledge to put into their own brews and bring something different to the table and be dominate for years to come. 

2) This brewery is a group effort.  Formed by friends and family, helping to build it from the ground up. While I'd like to say this series is going to be a group effort, I don't want to treat you all like idiots (which I know you're not because it takes an idiot to spot an idiot and I ain't spotting no idiots.....wait.....shit...) We all know this series is gonna come down to Durantula and "King" (see how I put quotations there because he's definitely not the king of anything....except for king of the reseeding hairline! BOOM! HAHAAHAHA) James.  But, to win, these two teams need to play like a ..... well .... team..... like COOP Ale Works!

3) DNR = Do Not Resuscitate.  Tonights game could be a blow out for the Thunder, putting the hurting to the Heat, making them wish they were attached to a breathing machine that someone could turn off.  That's kind of said.....sorry....

4) It's cities like this where you find a great craft brewery and a great beer.  I'm thankful my love for sports can bring new loves (beer) into my life.

WHY - I'm excited for this chance to tell you about a beer you would probably would have never had heard of otherwise.  I guess that's why I'm here.....duh!  HAHAHAHA.... shit......

Tonights match-up is going to be exciting, everyone knows that, and as much as I hate to admit it, I was hoping for this Finals.  Yes, it would have been nice to see the Spurs and Celtics take on each other to see who's knees give out first, but these young, energetic teams are going to bring some juice to your TV set.  And by juice I mean excitement, I just didn't want to use the word excitement again....

Three time league MVP going up against a three time league scoring champ.  Honestly, if you're not excited (there's that word again) for this match-up then you are probably dead.  If you are, in fact, dead, then I'm sorry and I hope you rest in peace.  But if you are alive and still not excited about this match-up then you need to have a friend slap you around until you do get excited (I do not condone any type of violence.....unless it knocks some sense into someone) If you really need some help, grab this beer, drink it up, with is 10% ABV, and your tune will change and you'll be singing about your love for the game!

Enjoy The Game and The Beer

Check out COOP ALE WORKS DNR  at  http://www.coopaleworks.com/beers/dnr/

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